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Below is a list of interests but not limited to.  If there is an activity you are interested in, but do not see it listed, please do inquire as you never know.  

Forced Femme - FF

CD - Cross Dressing


What can I say I just adore My girls; whether it's dressing you up in a humiliating way, or creating a real woman out of you with all the adornments.   Dressing is a good way to get in-touch with your feminine side and/or to bring out the whore you in.  Either way, clothes are powerful outer expressions of our inner most desires.

T&D Chastity

I adore chastity play; the longer you wear it, the more excited I become in your desperation to cum.  Desperation being the operative you need a keyholder?  Pain sluts are a rare delight for us Sadists.  Most of you are pussies and must be treated as such...I have a saying...if I can't torture with pain, I will torture you with pleasure haha (insert evil laugh ;) Cuckolding in session is fantasy only.  I will verbalize the part well as I tease and taunt you; but I will not physically perform with a bull.   Small penis humiliation aka SPH will erase any dignity you might have left.  I bet you think that there can never be too much pleasure...well...edging you to the brink and back will drive you insane; you WILL beg for mercy and reprieve.  



What can I say...I LOVE bondage, it's a mind fuck, the tighter the better.   I understand that some of you might not like to be tied up.  It's scary to give up that level of control, I get it.   But it is that level of surrender that will allow you to go deeper into your submission.  you can trust Me; communication is paramount in these situations.   Being put into heavy bondage/sensory deprivation pushes your mind to an altered state of being, which will push you further in your submission.  Once you experience true subspace you will be hooked forever.  Subspace acts like a drug coursing through your body; it will leave you feeling floaty for hours sometimes even days.   It is this feeling that will make you chase the dragon and keep coming back for more.   I feel bondage is a good way to accomplish this.   I love rope bondage and the creativity it allows Me to obtain in a scene.   Then there is mummification which will render you completely helpless and of course leather bondage from basic cuffs to extreme bags and straps.

Electro Play


Just like with any activity, electro-play is an interesting sensation that you will either love or hate it.  I have an arsenal of electro to titillate and torture you with



Medical play is a specialized area in which sterilization is of paramount importance.  Like all activities played out in a scene, it can be done lightly to heavily: needles, sounds, electro, enemas, inflation and roleplay

Ball Busting


Ball Busting is My favorite sport ;) I have made many grown men cry from a swift kick in the nuts.  Don't let My small frame fool you, I am strong from years of athleticism.  

Nipple Torture



The nipples are a delicious way to get you excited.   They're like two little clitties on your chest.   When rubbed they send a jolt of electricity to your cock making you hard in an instant.  I love to rub them slowly, pinching and biting them ever so slightly leaving you gasping.  What a great way to get the juices flowing for the torments that will follow.  I have many different nipple devices from Mild-to-extreme, I love it all.

Corporal Punishment

Domestic Discipline


Being from England I have a certain predilection for corporal punishment; it's in My DNA.  I am very apt at domestic discipline role-play and have done many videos for famous content creators over the span of 23+ years.    My hand-to-eye coordination and ability to strike with precision will astound you.  There are many implements that could be used under this umbrella, but the cane without a doubt is My favorite. The energy that surged up my arm which flowed thru My whole being left Me breathless. I  know how you would love to bear My stripes but due to personal circumstances, you cannot sustain any marks.   This is where proper tutelage and experience come into play.  I have surprised Myself a couple of times by doing some hard-core scenes that left no trace.   There are a few variables for this:   slow and methodical warm-up, not pushing too fast, and allowing the body to acclimate to the impact.  And then there is you as a bottom; everyone is different in the way they mark/don't mark. The point is, you don't have to be afraid of the cane because of marks.   It can and has been done!



Role-play is fun!  I am always open to new and exciting role-play scenarios.   This excites the Gemini in Me as we bore easily and it gives us more ways to use our creativity in session.  Geminis are creative and quick-witted by naturewhich plays well for ad-libbing.  I love the usual themes of naughty boy, student/teacher, boss/employee, vampire/prey, Haughty Queen & Her subjects, diabolical Nurse/Dr/patient alien experimentation, Warden/guard/prisoner, kidnapper & hostage, the list is limited to the confounds of our imagination.  These are but a few of My favorite themes and I welcome you to submit yours for enactment.

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Overload


When one sense is taken away another is heightened.  A blind man hears better, a deaf man can see better, etc.  Imagine taking them all away: sight (blindfolds/hoods) hearing (earplugs, headphones) taste (gags), and touch (skin: bodybags, mummification).  When all these are taken away and I release your nipples and/or your cock & balls and apply different methods of sensations you will melt into the abyss of subspace.   I LOVE this type of play!  


Cock & Ball Torture


The penis is the b-all and end-all of your existence.   It is amazing how much power it has over you: dictating your every move, leading you to make stupid decisions.  It is the epitome of pleasure and pain.   Just one stroke can harden it like a rock; with one big smack taking it away.   I am one of the best at C&B bondage.   I love to tie it up until it turns purple (My favorite color); but do not fret, it won't damage you or leave you childless.  It will just make you ultra sensitive to My touch making it even easier for Me to torment you.  I understand that everyone is different and that each of you have your own level of pain you can withstand.   This is why it is imperative to seek a Mistress who is experienced and knows when to push and when to back-off.



As in everything we do, humiliation is subjective.  Words have a lot of meaning and can be exhilarating, psychologically damaging or a turnoff.   This is one area that definitely needs to be communicated prior to a scene. Erotic humiliation is arousing to Me.   Verbalizing your truth is an important part of what we do; and when done right, can be a sexy addition to any scene.  If this is something you seek it is very imperative that you properly convey your desires for both verbal and physical humiliation.  Just stating you want humiliation is not enough.   What do you find humiliating?   What words bring you the shame and embarrassment you seek?   Physical humiliation can be as simple as a smack in the face, reddening you with stupefaction.  Spitting seems to be a favorite activity for humiliation.    This too has levels:  a light spit in the mouth conveys you are willing to accept your Mistress bodily fluids as a way of honoring Her.  Whereas, covering your face so that it is dripping in spit is degrading.  One of My favorite activities is golden showers.  I am extremely healthy and have the best-tasting pee (or so I'm told ;)  If you are averse to drinking then you can at least accept my golden wine on your body as a sacrifice and honor to Me.   

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